Get taxi transfer Terms of Use

Before requesting a service offered electronically, customers should make sure that they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions. If customer does not understand Terms and Conditions, we strongly recommend contacting our Customer Support Service, available via email address or via telephone numbers indicated in Contact section. The website is translated into several languages. The official version of the website are in English. In case of discrepancy between the original and translated versions, English version will be considered as relevant.
Booking a transfer with us implies Your full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the consequences that may arise from them, and that You agree to become legally bound to them. You also agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the local court if a dispute arises between You and the company and an agreement cannot be reached.  www.gettaxitransfer is owned and operated under the direction of Get Taxi Transfer and is provided for personal, non - commercial use in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set out below. 

  1. Description of Services
    1. Gettaxitransfer is a private limited liability company that owns and maintains which enables different transfer providers to offer transfer services to customers/passengers. By submitting a booking with us, You agree to enter into a contractual obligation with the actual transfer provider that you choose, not with Get taxi transfer
    2. Our service is free of charge. There are no additional costs or booking fees. You pay Your transfer directly to Your driver, therefore there will be absolutely no transfer of funds between You and Get taxi transfer.
  2. Booking procedure
    1. A person who makes a reservation must be over 18 and have a valid credit / debit card.
      Reservation is supposed to be made at least 12 hours before the time of the transfer. Transfer is supposed to be booked online, by filling all the necessary details.
      A person who enters the data is responsible for their validity. Get taxi transfer holds no responsibility for incorrectly entered or wrong information.
      A person who enters the data in front of the group accepts the Terms and Conditions in the name of the group.
    2. Booking is completed when a customer receives an email confirmation for a successfully booked transfer. A Customer is obligated to check all data provided in the confirmation. If any irregularities are noticed on the received confirmation, customer must inform the Customer Service in written form, by sending an email. Please note that created taxi transfer request does not mean confirmed reservation. From the moment You choose your offer/driver and submit a booking, Get taxi transfer acts solely as an intermediary between You and the Driver.
    3. Your request will be automatically forwarded to the relevants Drivers, and your offers via e-mail will be sent to You on behalf of the Driver.
    4. By submitting a booking request, You agree that You will be charged late cancellation fees, modification or ‘no-show’ fees (see chapter 5.)
    5. Transfer for airport transfers include at least 60 minutes of waiting from actual flight arrival (as displayed on the arrivals board). Port, railway and bus station transfer prices include at least 45 minutes of waiting from the arrival time. Prices for any other meeting places include at least 15 minutes of waiting.
  3. Payment Methods
    1. The standard payment method is payment in cash directly to the Driver, unless a different form of payment was agreed in advance and confirmed in written form after the booking is made. 
    2. By entering this Agreement, You agree that all information that You provided on the booking form is true, valid and correct.
  4. Contact procedures
    1. During the booking process, as well as after the provided service, only e-mails are considered to be a valid form of communication.
    2. Accuracy of provided data is of crucial importance for a contracted transfer, especially correct email address and available contact phone.
    3. Customer is required to contact the driver or Get taxi transfer Customer Service if there is any problem that prevents him/her to arrive to the meeting point.